5 Reasons To Fall In Love with Cache Toffee’s Limited Edition ‘Love’

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Written by Cache Toffee

February 1, 2023

Toffee has been among the most popular desserts since the early 19th century. Its sweet, buttery flavor is the perfect base for a wide variety of additional flavors, making it customizable to all tastes. 


Experimenting with new toffee combinations has led us to a unique new offering, Cache Toffee’s Limited Edition ‘Love.’

Dark chocolate and our famous toffee together make a solid foundation for adding dried tart cherries, almonds, and a white chocolate drizzle. We know you’ll love this flavor, made especially for Valentine’s. Read on for all the reasons we think you need to try it! 

1. Nostalgic Comfort

There’s something so sweet about being reminded of special memories through the food we eat. This limited edition toffee was created with a childhood favorite cherry bar in mind, which makes it feel classic. 

You can’t go wrong with timeless flavors of cherry and chocolate but mixing it up with the addition of toffee and white chocolate takes this treat to the next level.

2. Visually Stunning

Before you even put your dessert in your mouth, you’re already starting to taste it. How our food looks plays a huge role in how much we enjoy eating it, which is why this toffee flavor is so appealing. Looking at Love toffee, you’ll see pieces of all the different flavor profiles with pops of red, making it feel festive for Valentine’s.



3. Unexpected Spices

Adding cherries to toffee is a unique pairing, but it’s not the only unexpected twist in this special dessert. As you eat your toffee, you’ll also find hints of cinnamon, lemon, and amaretto to make it a well-rounded flavor. 

These additions layer perfectly with a traditional toffee base and make every bite exciting! 


4. Local Ingredients 

Eating any specialty dessert is enjoyable but knowing you’re supporting local businesses at the same time makes it even sweeter. 

The cherries in our Limited Edition Love toffee are sourced from local growers for the fresh, quality flavor that can’t be beaten. They add the perfect tart to balance the toffee and chocolates sweetness. It makes the whole combination come together amazingly well. 

5. Pairs Well  

Desserts are often more than just a quick sweet treat. When you pair them with a lovely drink, enjoying your toffee can become an entire experience to share with a loved one.

Luckily, Cache Toffee’s Limited Edition ‘Love’ pairs amazingly well with white or light red wine for a romantic end to your night. Or make it more celebratory with bubbly champagne. 

Everything to Love About Cache Toffee’s Limited Edition ‘Love’

There’s something remarkable about finding the perfect treat for you or a loved one. Cache Toffee’s Limited Edition ‘Love’ is just that for all taste preferences. Its unique combination of complimenting but contrasting flavors make it an adventure with every bite you’re sure to enjoy. 

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of this toffee or exploring our other unique flavors, contact us today!