Cache Toffee Collection

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Our purely irresistible toffee is handcrafted in small batches and uses several local ingredients. We offer eleven varieties of melt-in-your-mouth creations (with more scrumptious flavors on the way).

5 sizes of buttery creamy crunchy toffee
Cache Toffee Collection sampler gift box
Each delectable flavor is available in our two piece Triangle Treat, one-third pound, half-pound, one-pound, and two-pound beautiful boxes.

What Our Customers Say

“My parents were very pleased with the toffee I bought my dad for Father’s Day! Probably won’t be any left by the time actual Father’s Day rolls around. Thank you Cache Toffee Collection!”

Juliette - UT

Cache Toffee is irresistible once you take a bite you are hooked on this handmade deliciousness. Cache Toffee has several different kinds and each is delectable! You can find Cache Toffee at Gainan’s and City Vinyard in downtown Billings MT. Don’t forget to buy your own Cache Toffee when buying for others as you will want your own stash!”

Linda - MT

Your Blondie toffee should be added to the food pyramid as a required category just to put a smile on faces every day. Great meeting you both tonight and wishing you all the best!

Tap - UT