Beyond the Box: Creative Ways to Use Cache Toffee in Baking and Desserts

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Written By Heather King

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April 18, 2024

Want to take your baked goods to the next level? Consider baking with Cache Toffee; with its rich and buttery goodness, it’s your secret ingredient that adds a delicious crunch of flavor to your favorite sweets. 

For creative bakers, the prospect of incorporating this delectable treat into a range of desserts is as exciting as it is mouth-watering. If you’re looking to elevate your culinary creations, here are some innovative ways to include Cache Toffee in your baking repertoire.

Baking with Toffee 

The secret of Cache Toffee’s versatility lies in the 11 flavors of small-batch artisan toffees, all perfectly balanced blends of rich cream and butter in addition to the finest nuts and fruits in the world, and delicious bean-to-bar Solstice Chocolate. These ingredients not only enhance the flavor profile of your baked goods but also add a beautiful crunchy texture to every bite. 

Cache Toffee’s rich, buttery flavors introduce a caramel undertone to many baked goods that complement traditional baking ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. The range of nuts add a hint of earthiness and a subtle crunch, creating a combination of taste and textures that heighten the enjoyment of any dessert.

If you’re new to the art of baking with toffee, start simply. Incorporate it into cookie recipes or sprinkle it over brownie batter before baking for a delightfully crunchy twist. As you become more comfortable and creative, you can experiment with more complex recipes.


Cakes That Make a Statement 

Cakes are an excellent canvas to showcase the richness of Cache Toffee. 

A Cache Toffee pound cake is a simple but stunning dessert when you marble pieces of toffee into the cake batter before baking. The myriad of toffee additions, from fruit and nuts to coffee and spice flavors, can take a pound cake from good to unforgettable.

You can also use Cache Toffee as a showstopper decoration, using crushed toffee bits in between layers and on the sides of the cake. The result is a multi-textured dessert that not only looks impressive but also tastes phenomenal.

Indulgent Cache Toffee Brownies 

Brownies are a family-favorite baked good—loved for their fudgy or cakey texture and chocolaty decadence. Begin with your favorite brownie recipe. Once the batter is in the prepared pan, sprinkle pieces of your choice of Cache Toffee on top. Ensure you bake until just set for a delectable gooey center.

If you’re a nut lover, try adding Tartan Turtle to your brownies to get a true taste of whole-roasted pecans and cashews along with our housemade caramel sauce made with premium-quality cream and Madagascar vanilla, then drizzled with milk and dark chocolate. Those who taste your Cache Toffee Tartan Turtle brownies will enjoy a whole new level of indulgence.


For a more complex twist, place chopped Summit toffee between two layers of brownie batter. The toffee melts into the brownie while baking, creating a rich, buttery layer. The dried cranberries and apricots will add a surprising chewy and sweet/tart tang to every brownie bite. 


Sundae Toppings to Sweeten the Deal

Not all Cache Toffee desserts have to come out of the oven. It can also be a flavorful topping for your favorite ice cream sundaes.

For kid-friendly fun, simply break up large pieces of their favorite Cache Toffee flavor and sprinkle generously over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Top with tasty sundae sauces like caramel and chocolate to make a dreamy dessert.

Memorable Desserts with Cache Toffee

For Cache Toffee lovers, incorporating this treat into your favorite dessert recipes not only adds a new flavor dimension but also a level of intrigue and surprise for those indulging in the final product. Let your creativity flow as you bake with Cache Toffee. Play with tastes and texture combinations for the perfect union of flavors. Explore and experiment, infusing your dessert creations with memorable moments.