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Written by Cache Toffee

November 3, 2022

Chances are, you are going to or planning a holiday party this year. 70% of Americans plan to attend at least one party this holiday season. Planning a party can be stressful—you have to think about decorations, gifts, and food!

cache toffe charcuterie board

Make the food planning a little easier by making a charcuterie board. And for dessert, amaze everyone with a toffee charcuterie board. Continue reading for more information on how to make a charcuterie board.

1. Start With a Wooden Board or Serving Tray


Before laying out the treats for your charcuterie, you need a wooden board or serving tray. The kind of tray you use depends on what you plan to serve.

For example, some pungent or garlicky cheeses can permeate a wooden board and leave a taste on everything that crosses the board in the future. On the other hand, if you plan to feature runny spreads, dips, or meats, look for a board with built-in bowls.

cache toffee charcuterie board

2. Layer on Meats, Cheeses, and Spreads

Now the fun part. You can build your charcuterie board with anything you like. Traditional boards feature different meats, cheeses, and spreads.


The most common and classic charcuterie meat is salami. Salami is a type of dried pork sausage and pairs well with just about anything. Other popular charcuterie meats include cold cuts like ham and turkey slices, mini smoked sausages, and prosciutto.

Sophisticated and expensive boards might even feature sliced steak or other fresh-cooked meats.


Cheese is another staple of charcuterie boards, and there are so many different kinds to choose from—the soft flavor of fresh mozzarella pairs well with fruits and meats.

Brie is a bit more flavorful and fits on a board with crackers or baguettes. Try something especially savory, like blue cheese, if you have steak on your board.

Cache toffee charcuterie board

Use spreads to add more flavors to the board. Honey and fig spread elevate a sweeter charcuterie board. Pesto, tapenade, or hummus work beautifully with a savory board. Or use sweet and savory flavors together for a satisfying palate teaser. 

3. Add Some Sweet Accompaniments like Toffee


Nothing brings a charcuterie board together like irresistible toffee. After all the salty meats and cheeses, toffee is the perfect way to cleanse your palate. You can even feature different flavored toffees depending on the flavors already on your board.

cache toffee flavors charcuterie board

Toffee Charcuterie Board

For the real sweet tooth out there, skip the meats and cheeses altogether and make a dessert charcuterie board. Start the same way with a board or serving tray.

Then consider the different sweets you want to be your meats and cheeses. Toffee can be the main event on this board, not a side.

Cache Toffee offers different buttery and sublime flavors for your dessert board, including toffee sprinkled with dried apricots, cranberries, and golden raisins.

Getting Started

Charcuterie boards are always a hit. For your next holiday party, stick with the traditional board that uses meats, cheeses, and spreads, or try something a little more unique. A toffee charcuterie board, made in the same way as a traditional board, will have everyone at the party drooling.

Shop Cache Toffee for everything you need to make an unforgettable holiday treat.