Cache Toffee’s Sweet Beginnings: Lori Darr’s Story

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November 14, 2022
Cache Toffee Anniversary Lori Darr

You know Cache Toffee Collection as they are today — a brand that takes traditional English toffee and transforms it into unique mouth-watering delights. But how did Cache Toffee become the thriving business it is today? We sat down with the founder Lori Darr at the beginning of the year to chat about how her artisan toffee brand came about, how her toffee embodies her belief in family-oriented customer service, and the true inspiration behind Cache Toffee.

It all started in a cozy Park City kitchen.

“Before starting my toffee business, I had a career in the medical field. I loved providing the best care for my patients. And the people I worked with, we were like family. But as my life changed, I decided to put my love for creating great food together with my yen for entrepreneurship and the rest is history.”

“I started Cache Toffee Collection in Park City, Utah in my kitchen 7,000 feet above sea level. As a child, I had learned how to make toffee from my mom. To those memories, I added my own creativity and skills, adjusted for the unique challenges of cooking at high altitude, and viola!,  our delectable toffees were born of the best ingredients brought together in handcrafted delights.”

Cache Toffee Anniversary Lori Darr

“I only use natural ingredients in my toffees and avoid unhealthy preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial dyes. I enjoy experimenting with new and unique combinations of ingredients and am inspired by the seasons and create new toffees to reflect them.  For example, Blondie brings together mango, ginger, toasted sesame seeds, coconut, and creamy white chocolate that together taste like Summer. And then there is the texture, and how the finished creation looks – Pizazz is like snow and berries on a tree in winter – just right for the Holidays!”

From experiments to experiences.

“I have been fortunate to receive support from many people on this journey, including DeAnn Wallin, owner of Utah’s Own Solstice Chocolate, who has been a good friend and mentor. DeAnn’s expertise in all things chocolate is second to none. I remember the first time I cooked with her chocolate – I immediately called her, told her how amazing her chocolates are, and we started working together to bring her artisan creations to my toffees” 

Cache Toffee Anniversary Lori Darr

Cache Toffee Collection has come a long way since its inception in Park City, Utah. What started as a passion for cooking and creating unique flavors in a high altitude kitchen has turned into a successful business that continues to handcraft scrumptious unique toffees. As Lori told us: “My mother Gloria was a significant inspiration for starting Cache Toffee Collection, and her memory is honored with every batch of toffee we produce. I’m always striving to deliver high quality products and I put effort into constantly improving each and every creation.” We heartily agree and look forward to our next talk with Lori.


Lori’s mother, Gloria Darr