Delicious Toffee Pairings That You Never Thought Of

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Written by Cache Toffee

March 1, 2023

Did you know that toffee was first invented in the early 1800s in England?

While this candy isn’t as old as other types of desserts, there’s no denying that it’s earned a special place in all of our hearts. Toffee is delightfully crispy, buttery, sweet, and sticky once you start chewing it. These fun flavors and textures make it almost impossible to stop after one piece.


While you’ll have no trouble enjoying toffee by itself, you can elevate your dessert experience by pairing it with other yummy foods and drinks. Are you curious about which delicious toffee pairings are worth trying? Read on for our top favorites!


Did you ever hear about that trend that involves putting a tablespoon of butter into your cup of coffee? Coffee is a dynamic drink that’s always begging to be paired with other fascinating flavors like butter and chocolate. This is why toffee and coffee are a match made in heaven.


What’s more relaxing than pouring yourself a glass of wine after a long day? If you want to sweeten this deal with dessert, then you’ll love munching on some toffee. You should opt for a buttery wine like sherry, port, or a vintage Blanc.


If you don’t want your beer to have any bitter notes, then you should opt for malty beers that are made with sweeteners to mellow out the flavor. You’ll be delighted when the bubbles in the beer cleanse your palate after taking a bite of toffee.

Ice Cream

Toffee chocolate blends well with almost any ice cream flavor out there! You can spice up your scoop of plain vanilla or mix it in with a unique flavor like bananas foster or peanut butter pretzels.


Mango comes in varying levels of savory sweetness, so you can have an excellent time trying different types of mangos with your toffee. Try our unique unique mango-ginger fusion in our Blondie toffee that excites with fruity sweetness and a bright, summery orange color.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a magical food that can transform into savory meals and decadent desserts. While pairing toffee with sweet potatoes may sound strange at first, it makes a lot of sense once you reflect more.

Sweet potatoes are luscious, soft, and creamy, while toffee provides an exciting crunch and burst of buttery flavor.


You’ve Got to Try These Delicious Toffee Pairings

As you can see, there are all kinds of eclectic and delicious toffee pairings that will rock your world. Once you introduce your taste buds to these new experiences, you’ll want to have toffee on hand at all times.

Toffee requires lots of skill to prepare perfectly, which is why you deserve to treat yourself to the finest toffee on the market. Cache Toffee is here to provide you with the tastiest toffee. Check out our products so you can find your new favorite flavors.