For Those Who Aren’t Nuts About Nuts: Meet Cache Toffee Key

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Written by Cache Toffee

March 15, 2023

Have you ever wished you could combine the bold, roasted flavors of coffee with the sweet crunchiness of toffee? If so, then meet the Cache Toffee Brew flavor! Lori, the founder of Cache Toffee, put a lot of time and effort into crafting this confection for you to enjoy. 


Are you allergic to nuts? Do you find yourself scanning the confectionary stands for something nut-free you can enjoy? We have your solution!

There’s always room in life for confectionaries, and what better to enjoy than a handcrafted nut-free toffee? A good melt-in-the-mouth toffee is indulgent with its rich, buttery flavor and crisp texture; what’s not to love? For our nut-free customers, we introduce the delectable Cache Toffee Key flavor.

We can’t wait to tell you everything about this nut-free delight, so read more about it below. Whether you’re allergic to nuts or prefer a nut-free treat, we’ve got you covered.

Key Creator Beginnings

Cache Toffee is for you if you want to treat yourself to something sweet and indulgent. We produce toffee confectionaries crafted to perfection by our family of talented craftspeople.

Lori Darr, the company’s founder, found her humble beginnings in Utah. With the help of her grandmother’s recipe, Lori has created eleven fantastic toffee flavors. She takes great care in developing flavors she knows her customers will love.

Today, Lori’s team comprises toffee lovers and remains strictly handcrafted. We use only the finest ingredients in small batches to create our mouthwatering toffee treats.

Meet Cache Toffee Key

When you buy Cache Key, you get a delicious nutless toffee with a chocolate blend. This chocolate is a creation of Lori’s. She partnered with a local artisan chocolatier to create a new mouthwatering toffee experience.

We know that traditionally, most American toffees include nuts which can be a problem for those who don’t enjoy or can’t eat them. Thankfully, we thought deeply about this problem, and Cache Key was born.

Lori poured her heart into this flavor, and it shows. A chocolate blend provides a full, rich taste with just a hint of earthy sweetness. The added sea salt gives this nutless toffee an extra layer of depth that will have you reaching for more.

Cache Key is created using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Insider Info: This particular artisan toffee without nuts got its namesake from its “key” ingredient of toffee.


Buy Cache Toffee Key

If you need more convincing that buying mouthwatering Cache Toffee is the way to go, here is a list of reasons to support locally handcrafted toffees over mass-produced ones.

Supporting Employees

By purchasing local, handmade products, you’re supporting the artisans and craftspeople employed by Lori. Handmade items will always have a personalized feel that a machine cannot reproduce.

It’s Unique

You get a unique product when you purchase handmade confectionaries such as Cache Toffee. Because it’s handmade and not produced by machines, every piece will be unique yet equally delicious.

Artist’s Expression

Handmade products are a great creative outlet for craftspeople. Lori puts her heart and soul into her handmade toffees. By buying handcrafted Cache toffees, you know care has gone into lovingly creating every product.

Great Gifts

Handmade products are always an excellent option for gift-giving. If you’re battling to find someone you love something unique, choosing a handcrafted gift will mean more than buying something mass-produced that everyone has. Choosing Cache Key is an excellent option for anyone who can’t eat nuts but for those seeking a sweet treat without the crunch.

Choose Your Favorite Cache Toffee Flavor Today

Unfortunately, so many food items made today contain nuts, limiting what you can buy if you don’t or can’t eat them. This is why Cache Toffee Key is the answer. You can’t go wrong with decadent dark chocolate covering a sweet, buttery nutless toffee.

These toffees are great as a way to treat yourself or make excellent gifts for the loved ones in your life. If your mouth is watering, head to our shop to see our entire collection of handcrafted artisan toffees.