How Cache Toffee Has Grown and Evolved Over the Years

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Written By Heather King

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December 27, 2023

From its humble beginnings in founder Lori Darr’s kitchen in Park City, Utah, to the handcrafted toffee-worshipping following we enjoy today, the evolution of Cache Toffee is a delicious one. Let’s take a sweet journey together and explore how our once one-woman show has grown and evolved over the years to share Cache Toffee’s rich traditions with everyone.

Buttery Beginnings

If you love toffee, you’ve hopefully been lucky enough to enjoy the crunchy and buttery toffee creations we’ve been cooking up over the years—but our story starts simply enough.

Cache Toffee began at 7,000 feet above sea level in Lori’s kitchen, where she perfected her mother’s toffee-making techniques for altitude. As she explored different flavors and ingredients, such as marinated fruits and spices, she discovered exciting new combinations to blend with local Solstice Chocolates. She initially shared her delicious creations by giving them to friends and loved ones. Eventually, Lori secured a commercial kitchen and officially launched Cache Toffee in 2016.

Over time, Cache Toffee has expanded its product line to include a variety of flavors like the caffeinated Brew and nut-free Key—all inspired by Darr’s beautiful surroundings in Utah, her garden, and, of course, delicious foods. Seasonal offerings such as the festive fall Summit and the pepperminty wintertime wonder of Pizzaz add limited-time delights with every ingredient carefully selected for quality and flavor. 


Lori’s mission has always been to create something wonderful and memorable, and her commitment to quality and attention to detail shows in every aspect of Cache Toffee—from the highest quality ingredients to the intricately beautiful boxes. Lori’s love for sweets is contagious, and she delights in sharing her toffee flavors as much as her customers do.

Toffee Off the Wasatch

As Cache Toffee became more popular around Utah, the opportunity to introduce the brand to surrounding states and the entire country presented itself in 2019. We engaged a marketing firm that helped Cache Toffee build a warm and welcoming presence on social media, create crave-worthy images of our melt-in-your-mouth products, support customer loyalty, and expand our online ordering presence to satisfy more toffee lovers. Since then, we’ve seen a 378% net growth of our audience!


The Sweet Smell of Success

Even today, Cache Toffee is still made with fresh and local butter and cream and without preservatives. The high-quality ingredients that make up our 11 varieties of toffee are continually featured in various magazines and food blogs, solidifying Cache Toffee’s status as one of the best toffee makers in the country. We’ve also been recognized by the Chocolate Alliance with Gold and Bronze medals and AICC for our elegant and distinctive packaging style.

Delicious Adventures Await

The evolution of Cache Toffee is a sweet story of perseverance and a true passion for creating something that people love. From its humble beginnings in Lori’s home kitchen to its current status as a beloved confectionery brand, Cache Toffee has come a long way over the years. 

Through careful attention to ingredients and dedication to thrilling customers bite after bite,  toffee lovers all across the country await what the future holds in store for Cache Toffee. Yet whatever changes await, our toffee will always be a treat worth savoring and celebrating together.