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  • Montana toffee flavor





    Montana Toffee is more than just a treat; it’s an experience. With every heavenly bite, you’ll be transported to the majestic landscapes of Montana, where nature’s wonders unfold in all their glory. The sweet and tangy cherries will whisk you away to the shores of Flathead Lake, where the serene waters mirror the clear blue sky above. The crunchy almonds will remind you of the mighty mountain peaks, standing tall and proud against the horizon. And the dark chocolate and sea salt will evoke the exhilarating feeling of fresh mountain air, invigorating your senses with their rich and savory notes.

    A Taste of Summer

    • Dark Chocolate
    • Almonds
    • Flathead Cherries
    • Sea salt


    Made in a facility that produces products including peanuts and tree nuts.

    Handcrafted in Utah

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