Sweet Spring Delights: 3 Cache Toffee Confections to Celebrate the Season

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Written By Heather King

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March 19, 2024
 Cache Toffee Confections to Celebrate Spring

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year with a variety of celebrations that gather people together to celebrate a time of renewal and watch the world awaken from its winter slumber.

There’s often the chance to indulge in sweet treats that capture the essence of spring at these events and we invite you to join us as we whisk your taste buds away on a delectable tour of three Cache Toffee flavors that will awaken your springtime senses. 

Cache Toffee Party

Time to Party

When pretzels, peanuts, and popcorn hit the table, everyone is ready to party! And that means that Party toffee will be the hit of any springtime gathering. Our buttery, handcrafted toffee’s sweet caramel flavor brings out all the fun of these crunchy, salty snacks in addition to the rich goodness of both dark and milk chocolate. 

Party is available in our Triangle Treat, one-third pound, half-pound, one-pound, and two-pound beautiful boxes.

Key is the Key to Spring

Everyone deserves a seat at your spring activities and Key is for those who aren’t nuts about nuts but still want a true toffee experience. We start with a custom chocolate blend that features a full, rich taste leading to an earthy sweetness created with a local artisan bean-to-bar chocolatier.

This exclusive chocolate combines beautifully with our buttery, creamy, crunchy toffee, rewarding you with a deceptively simple but amazingly complex taste. Free from other flavors, our toffee is allowed to shine as the “key” ingredient and reminds us of the simple beauty and joy found in Key.

Key is available in our Triangle Treat, one-third pound, half-pound, one-pound, and two-pound beautiful boxes.


Awaken Your Senses with Blondie this Spring


For a taste of sunshine and island paradise, look no further than Blondie. This delightful toffee creation bursts with vibrant colors and lighter textures, a delightful departure from traditional toffee.

The sweet, buttery base is enrobed in smooth white chocolate, reminiscent of creamy custard. But the magic truly lies in the tropical fusion of mango and ginger, offering a burst of fruity sweetness with a warm, summery touch. Toasted sesame seeds and lightly salted macadamia nuts add a delightful crunch, while a subtle hint of rum and spices completes the island experience.

Named for its blonde hues and inspired by the creator’s own sunny disposition, Blondie is a perfect way to welcome the warm spring days.

Indulge in the Tastes of Spring Today

Spring is a time of fresh beginnings and what better way to celebrate than with delicious toffees that capture its refreshing spirit? Ignite or rediscover your love for toffee with these delightful flavors from Cache Toffee. Each bite is a handcrafted artisanal wonder. So indulge in the season by treating yourself or a loved one to a box of our toffee. 

Our favorite spring toffees are the perfect accompaniment to picnics, garden parties,  afternoon teas and St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter celebrations. As the season blossoms and the mornings grow brighter, treat yourself to the simple pleasures of Cache Toffee