Taste Big Sky Country: Meet Montana

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Written By Heather King

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November 15, 2023

Welcome to Montana’s Big Sky Country and Flathead Lake, home of some of Cache Toffee Collection Founder Lori Darr’s most fond memories — from attending college to spending the summers there for the past 34 years.

“Montana’s beauty is inspirational”,  she says fondly. “It’s part of our soul. It just got in our blood. So we go up every year to enjoy it all.”

The Mission Valley is home to Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, and Flathead Lake cherries.

“I wanted to create a toffee with these cherries because they’re phenomenal,” Lori continues, “and it’s such a summer feel up there when the cherries come in.” 

Enter Montana: Cache Toffee’s newest scrumptious taste treat with its rich, sweet flavors of Flathead Lake cherries for a burst of summer memories. Paired with Cache Toffee’s buttery, crunchy toffee base, 70% dark Venezuelan chocolate, amaretto, citrus, spices, and sea salt, Montana takes your taste buds on a glacial lakeside adventure.

Let’s learn more about the ingredients in Montana.

Flathead Lake Cherries

“Flathead cherries and the over 1700 orchards that grow them are a big part of the culture in Flathead Valley,” explains Lori. “You’ll see cherries everywhere—on ceramic dishes, table napkins, you name it, it’s probably made with cherries on it. And did I mention just how delicious they are?”

Grown along the shore of Flathead Lake in Montana, Flathead Lake cherries get their special flavor from the unique environment of this slice of Big Sky Country heaven. The University of Montana explains that the lake-influenced climate, clear glacier-fed waters, and fertile soil combine to produce this world-famous sweet cherry. And now you’ll delight in a rich piece of Flathead Cherry in every bite of Montana.


Amaretto is a delicious Italian liqueur with an almond flavor combined with notes of vanilla that create a sophisticated flavor profile.

Used in a multitude of cocktails, amaretto is also a favorite flavor among bakers. In fact, it’s the perfect complement to the rich sweet taste of Flathead cherries.


70% dark Venezuelan chocolate

Cacao beans have been grown in Venezuela for centuries—with some research suggesting that Venezuela is the home of the first cocoa tree. Venezuelan criollo cacao is highly sought-after by chocolate makers worldwide.

Cache Toffee uses 70% cacao dark chocolate from Utah-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker Solstice Chocolate made with cacao beans from the Cerano area of Venezuela that lend an earthy, Brazil nut note to the toffee.   

Pairing Suggestions

Montana toffee is the perfect patio or party snack for you this summer. It would also be beautiful on a charcuterie board with cheeses, olives,prosciutto, shortbread cookies and fruit. For an after-dinner treat Lori suggests, “It’s great with a glass of red wine or dessert wine. As we say here at Cache Toffee, it’s purely irresistible .”

Taste Montana

To get a taste of Cache Toffee’s Montana, visit The Arful Kitchen on Electric Avenue in Big Fork, Montana, watch our social media, or call us at 863-333-5453.