Toffee vs. Caramel: The Chewy Showdown – Unveiling the Differences

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Written By Heather King

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May 23, 2024

Are you Team Toffee or Team Caramel? If you love all things sweet, crunchy, and chewy then you might have trouble picking a favorite—and we don’t blame you! Those who’ve indulged in the age-old debate between the two confectionery giants already know that toffee and caramel have distinct characteristics that set them apart, even though they have much in common. Today, we’re breaking down these differences and answering the question of which is chewier. Whether you’re team toffee or team caramel, join us as we explore the nuances of these delicious sweets.


What is Toffee?

Toffee is a hard candy made primarily from sugar and butter, delivering a rich, buttery flavor with a brittleness that gives way to a chewy texture as it warms in your mouth. To make toffee, the mixture is heated to hard crack stage, reaching temperatures between 300°F and 310°F, then allowed to cool and solidify. Toffee consistency can range from slightly chewy to very hard, depending on the exact cooking temperature and time.

  • Ingredients: Primarily sugar and butter
  • Texture: Brittle to hard with potential for chewiness
  • Flavor: Rich, buttery

What is Caramel?

Caramel is a soft, chewy confection made by heating a variety of sugars. The sugar is heated until it breaks down and re-forms into complex compounds, creating caramel’s distinctive deep, rich flavor, and golden-brown color. Milk or cream is often added to the sugar mixture, giving caramel its creamy texture. The temperature for making caramel is lower than toffee, usually not exceeding the firm ball stage (245°F to 250°F), which contributes to its softer, more pliable texture. It can be eaten alone as candy or used as flavoring or topping for desserts.

  • Ingredients: Sugar, milk or cream (and sometimes butter)
  • Texture: Soft, chewy
  • Flavor: Deep, rich, with notes of burnt sugar



Which is Chewier?

When it comes down to chewiness, caramel takes the crown. The preparation method and ingredients of caramel give it a soft, sticky texture that is unmistakably chewy. Caramel’s lower cooking temperature and the addition of dairy products contribute to its softer texture, making it easier to stretch and pull compared to its counterpart.

Toffee, while it can have a chewy aspect after chewing and being warmed in the mouth, is generally harder and more brittle due to its higher cooking temperature. It doesn’t exhibit the same stretchy, malleable consistency that characterizes caramel.

Enjoy Both Toffee and Caramel Together!

Both toffee and caramel offer delightful textures and flavors that make them favorites in the world of sweets. While toffee provides a satisfying crunch that slowly melts into a chewy delight, caramel is the go-to for those seeking a softer, more indulgent chewiness from the start. But what if you could enjoy them both, together?

Bite into our Tartan Turtle that features our buttery, crunchy toffee drizzled with our caramel sauce plus chocolates and nuts. 

So whether you’re a die-hard Cache Toffee fan or a caramel craver, you can enjoy the distinct characteristics of both toffee and caramel—either together or on their own.  Savor the complex flavors and textures that make toffee and caramel so special. From the smooth, rich chew of caramel to the buttery crunch of toffee, we want to know which you prefer. Share your thoughts and favorites with us!