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Written by Cache Toffee

February 21, 2023

Have you ever wished you could combine the bold, roasted flavors of coffee with the sweet crunchiness of toffee? If so, then meet the Cache Toffee Brew flavor! Lori, the founder of Cache Toffee, put a lot of time and effort into crafting this confection for you to enjoy. 

Read more about this new and unique flavor together through the passionate eyes of our master creator Lori!

Brew Origins

Cache Toffee originated out of Park City, Utah, and since then, it has been a presence in that state and across the country. Founder Lori Darr is committed to keeping the business culture a family environment.

Lori created 11 different types of toffee for her customers to enjoy.

Cache Toffee Uniqueness  

When you buy toffee from Cache Toffee, you can choose several different flavors and quantities. We will go over that later in more detail. However, there is one thing you should know about Lori’s toffee. 

“I don’t use flavoring; I use real coffee,” she noted. 

Let’s say you want to buy this toffee for Easter, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. If you have many people on your shopping list or just want some excellent toffee for yourself, Cache Toffee has you covered. 

You can buy quantities that range from two pieces to two pounds. The prices for these quantities range from $8.50 to $87.50. 

Cache Toffee Brew

This may be the moment you guys have been waiting for in this article. Let’s go over one of the more fantastic toffee flavors available here.

Here, we have the brew flavor of toffee offered by Cache Toffee. Several different ingredients go into this flavor.

Of course, you have to start with coffee. This can arguably give this type of toffee the rich and refreshing taste you may be looking for.

Next, you put in both dark chocolate and white chocolate. You would think two opposites in chocolate would not mix well. However, put that together with coffee, and you get that great taste that you are looking for. This is from Bolivia, and it has a special place in Lori’s heart because of its flavor profile.

“I loved working with the single-origin chocolate. It balances the coffee taste very, very well,” said Lori.


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These are just some things you should know about the Cache Toffee Brew. For starters, you have an extensive range in the quantity you can buy. Whether you want two pieces for yourself or two pounds for your whole family, you can do both here. 

Also, when you buy this brew, remember to appreciate the coffee, chocolate, and nuts that go into it. 

Does this make you want to buy more toffee? See what other flavors we have to offer at our online store.