Meet Lori Darr, the Sweet Entrepreneur Behind Cache Toffee Collection

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Written By Heather King

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March 28, 2024
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Cache Toffee Collection founder and CEO Lori Darr is as intriguing as each of her 11 delectable toffee flavors. Brimming with only the best qualities—sweetness, local love, and plenty of surprises—Darr makes many entrepreneurs’ lives seem flavorless in comparison. Bite into Darr’s journey from a career in the medical field to the unexpected start of the wildly delicious Cache Toffee Collection—a tale of how sweet dreams built a successful woman-owned business.


How it All Started: Toffee is in Her Blood

Darr’s toffee-encrusted tale starts with buttery, crunchy toffee, just like what you enjoy today from Cache Toffee Collection. Homemade toffee was a mainstay in Darr’s upbringing, as her mother would make batches of it for family and friends for birthdays and other celebrations. But she didn’t actually learn how to make it from her mother until she was in junior high. 

After Darr had moved to Park City, Utah, she became fascinated with recreating the toffee of her childhood but realized that the recipe didn’t work at 7,000 feet. That’s when she started experimenting to ensure the toffee tasted exactly as her mother’s did, despite the high-altitude adjustments. 

While working out the perfect balance of ingredients, temperature, and storage techniques, she couldn’t help but experiment with flavor and texture combinations. “I thought, why not add some unique spices, or marinate fruits in brandy and introduce them to the layer of chocolate on the traditional toffee?,” she recalls. “It wasn’t long before my love of cooking, gardening, and celebrating each season led me down some delectable paths.” 

What began as her simply having fun creating edible gifts for friends and family swiftly grew and became the genesis of Darr’s entrepreneurial adventure when she realized the potential of her mother’s toffee as a business. Empowered by the community’s warm reception of her toffee made with fresh butter and artisan bean-to-bar chocolate, Darr secured a commercial kitchen and officially launched Cache Toffee in 2016, infusing it with her personal brand of dedication and vision.


Her mission has always been to create something wonderful and memorable, and her commitment to quality and attention to detail is reflected in every element of Cache Toffee—from the highest-quality ingredients to the intricately beautiful boxes. Darr’s love of sweets is contagious, and she delights in sharing and enjoying her toffee flavors as much as her customers do.

Crafting Cache Toffee: A Tale of Artisanal Excellence

“Offering toffee lovers a unique taste experience and sharing my creative ingredient combinations with them brings me such pleasure,” Darr continues.

Artisanal quality has never been a business strategy; it’s a mantra that resonates in every batch of her hand-crafted Cache Toffee.

Quality and taste are the cornerstones, and her commitment to sourcing only the best ingredients and collaborating with other local small businesses like chocolatier Solstice Chocolate has earned Cache Toffee a place in the hearts of many. 


Over the years, Darr has always looked to her own experiences and passions as a guide. Take, for example, Cache Toffee’s newest flavor, Montana, which pays tribute to the state she and her family spent decades living and vacationing in. “Blondie was summer, with the mangoes and macadamia nuts and the white chocolate,” she recalls. “Then there’s Summit in the fall with applejack brandy and cranberries, and I have Pizzaz for Christmas.”

The Taste of Sweet Success

Lori Darr is a master chef of her inherited craft. Her story invites us to savor life’s memories and acknowledge the hard work that transformed a family recipe into a delicious legacy. Yet Darr is far from hanging up her apron. She continues to reshape Cache Toffee, adding new products and refreshing the business strategy as the company grows and customers change. 

She’s not just the founder of Cache Toffee; she’s an inspiration to woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide, proving that with the right blend of persistence and determination, anyone can turn their passion into a thriving business that brings joy to all those who encounter it.